Search and Rescue Operations Continue for Trapped Drainage Worker in Lagos

Efforts to locate and rescue a drainage worker trapped in an underground tunnel in the Onipanu area of Lagos State have entered the second day, with no success in finding the missing individual.

The incident occurred on Monday while the victim was engaged in de-silting drainages in the community

According to Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA), the worker, employed by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority and working for Drain Ducks, became trapped in the tunnel while attempting to dislodge debris from the underground drainage.

Despite ongoing search efforts, the worker has yet to be located, even after spending over 24 hours in the tunnel.

An anonymous staff member of LASEMA speculated that the victim may have been swept away by water that accumulated in the drainage after removing the blockade.

The interconnected nature of the drainage system across various areas of Lagos exacerbates the challenge of locating the trapped worker.

Rescue operations have been hindered by the complexity of the underground tunnel network and the risk posed by the water flow.

Despite the valiant efforts of emergency responders, including individuals who ventured into the tunnel in search of the worker, the operation was suspended due to darkness.

The LASEMA official noted that the drainage system was constructed by the Federal Government, and efforts to access schematic diagrams for the tunnels were underway to aid in the rescue efforts.

However, the primary focus remains on either rescuing the victim alive or recovering the body.


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