Russian drone strikes target Odesa grain stores near Romania border


A Russian drone strike has hit Ukrainian port facilities at Izmail on the River Danube, a short distance from Nato member state Romania.

Six Iran-made Shaded drones swarmed an oil depot in Izmail, Odesa region, starting a fire at the industrial and port facilities which transport crucial grain exports.

After leaving a deal that allowed Ukraine to export grain to world markets through the city of Odesa, near Moldova, Russia has hammered Black Sea ports with strikes.

But diplomatic signals had until now hinted Putin might rethink his use of food as a weapon of war.

Linda Thomas Greenfield, US Representative to the UN said they had ‘seen indications that they might be interested in returning to discussions’.

Grain exports have been severely disrupted since the start of the war, with Russia’s navy blockading the Black Sea ports. This has caused global food prices to spike, hitting Middle Eastern and African countries most reliant on Ukrainian exports.

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