Ace journalist, Rotimi Sankore is dead

Rotimi Sankore, a veteran journalist, has passed away.

Kadaria Ahmed, a media personality, broke the news of his death via a Facebook post on Saturday.

Kadaria described Sankore as one of Nigeria’s finest journalists and a versatile data analyst.

The media entrepreneur added that Sankore’s death is a great loss for the country and he will be missed.

The cause of his death was, however, not disclosed.

“It is with deep sorrow that I announce we have lost one of Nigeria’s finest journalists and excellent all round human beings, Rotimi Sankore,” Kadaria wrote.

“Rotimi loved Nigeria with a passion that allowed him to be honest about her problems and what needs to be done to solve them.

“He was an expert data journalist, the best at what he does. He could analyse data like no one else I knew using it to understand events but also project trajectories, especially avoidable ones.

“Over the years Rotimi spent time and energy trying to make sure those in government, policymakers and ordinary Nigerians understand what the numbers show, how they came about , what they mean and how they can help us understand what needs to be done.

“His work was insightful and was significant and it is his legacy. His death is a big loss . We will miss him.

“My heartfelt condolences to his daughter and his family.”

Sankore was a development and policy expert, journalist/journalism trainer and human rights advocate.

Before his demise, Sankore was the executive director at the Africa Centre for Development Journalism (ACDJ), providing strategic communication support to socio-political and economic organisations.

The veteran media personality was recently appointed as chairman, editorial board, at Nigeria Info Radio Group.

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