“Return The Bride Price I Paid”- Yul Edochie To Estranged Wife, May

Renowned actor Yul Edochie drags his first wife afresh in an attempt to get paid the bride price he paid to marry her and she is still holding on to his last name.

The controversial actor has been making the rounds once more with a spate of fresh accusations against his spouse.

In a recent post, he made the claim that his wife had her Breast enlarged through surgery, which he says her purported married partner approved of.

The Movie Star has gone public to inquire about his wife’s refusal to drop his last name, revealing that he has been asking them to return the bride price that he paid for her, but her family has for some reason refused.

In his words; “You have filed for divorce.

Yet you refused to drop my name.

Return the bride price I paid, you & your family refused.

I have asked for the return of the bride price a couple of times, you people vehemently refused.

I don’t understand why.”

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