Reduced Overseas Enrolment: 15 UK universities announce staff layoffs, course closures

At least 15 universities in the United Kingdom have publicly announced staff layoffs and course closures, prompted by a significant decline in overseas postgraduate student enrollments this past January.

According to reports, this is directly related to the UK government’s stance on reducing international student numbers

Concerns are now mounting that undergraduate student recruitment may also decline in the upcoming academic year, exacerbated by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

In recent times, higher education landscape in the United Kingdom has seen many universities ranging from prestigious Russell Group universities to mid-tier universities and Scottish institutions, issuing alerts about potential course reductions and staff layoffs

Meanwhile, certain higher education institutions, particularly those established after the conversion of polytechnics to universities in 1992, appear to have experienced remarkable growth last year.

These universities, notably targeting countries outlined in the UK government’s International Education Strategy such as India and Nigeria, witnessed substantial increases in non-EU international student enrollments.

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