Reasons Not To Participate In Big Brother Naija – Doyin

Reality TV personality Doyin David has offered insight into why some people are not suitable for the popular reality series Big Brother Naija.

According to Doyin, no one should be on a reality TV show if they don’t have great mental stability.

The brand influencer, who was a housemate in Big Brother Naija‘s “Level Up” and “All Stars” seasons, talked about her life after the show and said that the financial element had been thrilling.

Nonetheless, she thinks that because it exposes people to criticism about their life from others, it has a detrimental effect on mental health.

Doyin emphasized that, in spite of the show’s shortcomings, its advantages exceed its disadvantages.

“I keep saying it. If you are not like mentally grounded and you are not sure about who you are and the type of person that you are, maybe you still have like issues with your mental health, I will not advise you to go on that show,” she said.


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