President Tinubu’s New Year Address: A Vision for Progress and Unity


In his much-anticipated New Year broadcast, President Bola Tinubu addressed the nation, reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the past year, outlining his vision for the future, and calling on Nigerians to actively participate in the nation’s growth.


President Tinubu expressed gratitude to Almighty God for the grace and benevolence bestowed upon Nigeria in the year 2023.

He acknowledged the challenges faced during the peaceful transfer of power, marking another milestone in the country’s unbroken 24 years of democracy. The President thanked the citizens for entrusting him with the mandate to lead, pledging to work towards revitalizing the economy, enhancing security, and fostering national greatness.


Despite the tough economic conditions and rising costs, President Tinubu assured the nation that every decision and action taken during his administration were in the best interest of Nigeria. He addressed the removal of the fuel subsidy and the reform of the foreign exchange system, acknowledging the discomfort these decisions may have caused but emphasizing their necessity for the nation’s financial stability.


Acknowledging the concerns about the high inflation rate and under-employment, President Tinubu empathized with citizens facing economic challenges. He urged resilience, stating that tough times are temporary and calling on Nigerians to renew their commitment to the nation’s progress.


President Tinubu highlighted the administration’s efforts in addressing security issues, economic recovery, and infrastructure development. He emphasized the importance of steady electricity supply, announcing commitments to power projects like the Siemens Energy initiative. The President also outlined plans for local refining of petroleum products with the Port Harcourt Refinery and the Dangote Refinery.


In agriculture, the President announced plans to cultivate 500,000 hectares of farmland across the country, focusing on staple crops like maize, rice, wheat, and millet. He assured that fiscal and tax policy reforms would be implemented to create a conducive business environment for local and foreign investments.


The President shared the eight priority areas of his administration, including national defence, job creation, macro-economic stability, and poverty reduction. He pledged to implement a new national living wage for workers, emphasizing the commitment to improve the living conditions of all citizens.


President Tinubu concluded by calling for unity and collaboration, urging Nigerians to work together for the peace, progress, and stability of the nation. He extended a hand of cooperation to political opponents, emphasizing that the time for collaboration had come.


As the nation ushers in the year 2024, President Tinubu’s message resonates with hope, resilience, and a shared commitment to building a prosperous and equitable society.





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