Polio, Malnutrition cases on the rise – UNICEF

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has raised an alarm over soaring polio and malnutrition cases among children, urging government and people to rise to the challenge.

Despite being certified a polio-free country in 2020, UNICEF has warned the disease has begun resurfaced in many parts of the North.

To this end, UNICEF Representative in Nigeria Cristian Munduate and two other officials-Dorothy Ochola-Odongo and Prosper Dakurali have called for urgent intervention to arrest the trend.

The officials among UNICEF, DAME awards and Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) in Lagos, in furtherance of their partnership for the sustenance of children’s right to “survive, learn, to be protected, and develop to their full potentials.”

On his part, President  of the NGE, Eze Anaba, said that UNICEF has a lot to do in Nigeria because the country is facing a myriad of challenges.

He drew attention to the soaring poverty, which may have been the bsseline for the spread of so-called strange diseases threatening many Nigerians.

Speaking further, DAME’s founder and trustee, Lanre Idowu, who spoke on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the two-year renewable partnership, alluded to the commonality of interest and the need for best practicess in the respective sphere of influence.

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