Play Network Teases 9 Upcoming Movie Titles For 2024

Charles Okpaleke, a co-founder of Play Network Studios, has revealed the film titles that fans may anticipate seeing later this year.

The Nigerian film producer divulged the names of nine films—Diamond Ring, Shina Rambo, Karashika, Glamour Girls, Billionaires Club, Igbo Landing, The Six, Ekwumeku, and King Jaja in an Instagram post. Most of these Nollywood films are remakes of classic works of art that revolve around significant historical occurrences in Nigeria.

He says that additional information on the films will be made available in February.

In his words, “But first.. let’s take a break this Jan to relax and appreciate God for an amazing 2023 and a wonderful 2024!! See you in February!!”

One of the movies, The Six, which is highly anticipated, follows the story of the enigmatic, fearsome leader of the influential occult group named Richard Williams played by Ramsey Nouah.

Another one, Igbo Landing is set around the first major rebel freedom march in America’s history by 75 people of Igbo ancestry against slavery. Noah is said to have collaborated in the production of this historical title which is expected to debut in 2025.

Play Network obtained rights to Karishika, another of the films, in March 2023, which was announced with a call for horror filmmakers. The title follows the titular character, Karishika (Becky Ngozi Okorie), a demon sent by Lucifer to seduce men into his fold using sex, money and other temptations.

Diamond Ring, another classic, is an intellectual property by veteran filmmaker Taiwo Ogidan acquired by Play Network. The new project is expected to be a remake and not a sequel centred on the conflict between a dead woman’s spirit and members of a university cult group.

Shina Rambo is a biopic on the scandalous armed robber who rocked the nation in the 90s. The project, which is still in development, will be directed by Ramsey Nouah.

The production company Play Network is also responsible for the production of Blood Vessel, a feature-length Netflix movie that has hit the charts since its December 8, 2023 premier.

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