Pentagon leaks: FBI agents arrest Air National Guardsman over ‘deliberate criminal’ leaks

A 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, Jack Teixeira, was on Thursday apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States of America.

His arrest was in connection with their investigation into classified documents that were leaked on the internet.

Hundreds of pages of classified military intelligence have been shared with an online gaming group before becoming public in an embarrassing string of disclosures last week.

According to the FBI bureau office in Boston, in a statement released on its official Twitter handle (@FBIBoston), Teixeira was arrested at a residence in North Dighton, Massachusetts,

“The FBI is continuing to conduct authorised law enforcement activity at the residence.

Following the arrest, the Air Force released the suspect’s service file. It shows that he has been an enlisted airman for the Massachusetts Air National Guard since joining it in September 2019.

In a statement, the FBI has aggressively pursued investigative leads, and today’s arrest exemplifies our continued commitment to identifying, pursuing, and holding accountable those who betray our country’s trust and put our national security at risk,”

According to Garland, “The Justice Department arrested Jack Douglas Teixeira in connection with an investigation into alleged unauthorised removal, retention and transmission of classified national defence information. Teixeira is an employee of the United States Air Force National Guard,”

The US President, Joe Biden, disclosed that the investigation is leading to a breakthrough.


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