Oladips Surprises Fans with Resurrection Amidst Previous Reports of Passing

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian rapper Oladips, whose real name is Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, has seemingly ‘risen’ from the dead, dispelling earlier reports of his demise.

The street-hop artist took to his Instagram story on November 23, 2023, to share a video of himself grooving to a track from his new album, Superhero Adugbo.

Accompanying the video was a caption that read, “Proof of life,” signaling to his followers that he is indeed alive and well. Notably, the obituary post that had been previously shared on his Instagram page has now been deleted.

The unexpected revelation comes after Oladips was reported to have passed away on November 15, 2023, by his management. The initial announcement indicated that the rapper had been privately battling an undisclosed illness for the past two years.

Fans and the music community were taken aback by the sudden news of Oladips’ passing, leading to an outpouring of condolences and tributes.

However, the recent video shared by the rapper himself has brought about a wave of relief and confusion, leaving many to question the authenticity of the previous reports.

Oladips’ resurrection, as depicted in the Instagram video, has sparked various reactions on social media, with fans expressing both joy and skepticism.

The artist’s return to the spotlight raises questions about the circumstances surrounding the initial reports and the nature of the undisclosed illness mentioned in the obituary post.

As the story unfolds, followers of Oladips eagerly anticipate further clarification from the rapper himself or his management regarding the unexpected turn of events.

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