Norway threatens $100,000 daily fine on Meta over data

Norway’s data protection agency has said it would ban Facebook and Instagram owner Meta from using the personal information of users for targeted advertising, threatening a $100,000 daily fine if it continues.

According to local media, the ban will begin on August 4 and last three months to give Meta time to take corrective measures or will be will be fined othe ne million kroner ($100,000) per day if it fails to comply.

In a statement, the Norwegian watchdog, Datatilsynet, said Meta uses information such as the location of users, the content they like and their posts for marketing purposes.

Part of the statement reads, “The Norwegian Data Protection Authority considers that the practice of Meta is illegal and is therefore imposing a temporary ban of behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram”.

Meta spokesman Matthew Pollard was quoted as saying by Norwegian public radio channel NRK that the company will review the demands and that the announcement will not have an immediate effect on its activities.

This practice raises concerns about privacy infringement and has prompted the Norwegian Data Protection Authority to take action.

By banning behavioral advertising, the agency aims to protect users’ personal information and ensure that it is not exploited for targeted marketing campaigns.

Meta has responded by stating that it will review the demands, indicating that the ban will not have an immediate impact on its activities.


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