North Korea criticizes the UN Human Rights Council as a U.S. “scheme.”

North Korea has voiced strong criticism of a recent UN meeting that was centered on its record on human rights.

North Korea lambasted the United States for allegedly exploiting the international organization as a “scheme” against Pyongyang.

The discussion took place within the U.N. Security Council, where the topic of human rights abuses in North Korea was brought to the forefront. During the session, the U.S. ambassador openly criticized North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for his perceived use of “repression and cruelty” to advance the development of nuclear weapons and missiles.

Increased regional dynamics and tensions served as the backdrop for this incident. The presidents of South Korea, Japan, and the United States met in Camp David to discuss enhancing military and economic cooperation. U.S. President Joe Biden also attended.

This cooperation was presented as a tactical response to North Korea’s continuing nuclear threats as well as China’s growing influence. By year’s end, the leaders agreed to share real-time intelligence regarding North Korean missile launches. They also agreed to hold yearly joint military training exercises.

China, a prominent ally of North Korea, expressed its opposition to the meeting within the 15-member council that addressed abuses in North Korea. However, it did not pursue attempts to obstruct the meeting.

A spokesperson from North Korea’s human rights think tank said, “We will never tolerate the U.S. and its followers’ anti-(North Korea) ‘human rights’ slander scheme, and will steadfastly defend the sovereignty of the state, the socialist system, and security interests.”

Historically, North Korea has consistently underscored what it refers to as racial discrimination in the United States as an illustration of Washington’s purported hypocrisy.



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