Nollywood Actor Kunle Remi Ties the Knot with U.S.-Based Lover Tiwi


Celebration of Love in the New Year


Renowned Nollywood actor Kunle Remi has taken a significant step in his personal life by officially marrying his United States-based lover, Tiwi. The actor shared the joyous news with his followers on Instagram, accompanied by heartfelt sentiments and well wishes.


In a post on Monday, Kunle Remi expressed his gratitude and extended a hopeful message to those still in search of their life partners. Alongside pictures capturing the joyous occasion, he conveyed his prayers for others to experience the divine connection leading to a lifetime of love and companionship.


The actor’s message read, “But first: This is from us to you reading this. We pray that divine ability to meet your person and begin the journey of a lifetime is yours. We know fully well that the Love of God for you will be the balm against hopelessness and searching to no end.”


He continued with optimism for the future, stating, “Stay open, expectant, and ready because in 2024, you will celebrate in double. Amen.”


The news of Kunle Remi’s marriage has been warmly received by fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, with many extending their congratulations and best wishes to the newlywed couple. As the actor embarks on this new chapter in his life, the public eagerly anticipates glimpses of the couple’s journey together.

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