NCAA Lifts Suspension On United Nigeria Airline

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has officially lifted the suspension on the Part G Operation Specifications of United Nigeria Airlines (UNA).

This decision follows the temporary suspension imposed by the NCAA after one of UNA’s aircraft deviated from its intended destination, landing passengers at the Asaba International Airport instead of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja.

The incident prompted the NCAA to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the diversion of the Abuja-bound flight to Asaba, with UNA citing “poor weather” as the reason for the change in destination.

In a statement dated December 1, 2023, and made available to Channels Television, the NCAA revealed the findings of its investigation.

The agency identified a lack of adequate liaison between the Lessor’s Operations Control Center (OCC) and the Lessee’s OCC, which omitted appropriate flight briefing from the point of departure.

Furthermore, the investigation highlighted that both the cockpit and cabin crews did not hold a preflight briefing before embarking on the flight. The OCC flight monitoring of United Nigeria Airlines was found to be deficient in monitoring the aircraft in the company’s Operation Specifications Part G (Wet Lease Aircraft).

Additionally, there was a non-adherence to the approved Air Traffic Control (ATC) flight plan.

Based on the findings, the NCAA recommended several measures to prevent a recurrence. These include conducting approved flight programs with the lessor and ensuring necessary briefings are conducted with a dispatcher of the lessee in attendance.

The agency also emphasized the importance of both cockpit and cabin crews holding appropriate briefings before each flight.

Flight following procedures were stressed as crucial, with a call for strict adherence by both the lessor and lessee’s OCC and Flight Crew.

 Lastly, the NCAA recommended that all copies of filed flight plans should be handed to the cockpit crew via the lessee’s OCC.

With these recommendations in place, the NCAA has lifted the suspension on UNA’s Part G Operation Specifications, paving the way for the airline to resume normal operations in compliance with the specified safety protocols.

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