NCAA Establishes Committee to Address High Airfares



The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken decisive action to address the issue of high airfares by setting up a dedicated committee for this purpose.

Acting Director General of NCAA, Captain Chris Najomo, announced this development in a video press release shared on the Authority’s official X, formerly Twitter, handle.


In his statement, Najomo acknowledged the concerns raised regarding the escalating cost of airfares, particularly on international routes.

To address this pressing issue and ensure that airfares are brought down to more reasonable levels, he has initiated the establishment of a high-powered committee.


The committee’s mandate is to thoroughly assess all factors contributing to the high airfares and devise strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Najomo emphasized that consultations have already been held with airlines, stakeholders, and relevant agencies to garner input and cooperation in this endeavor.

The committee’s efforts are expected to yield tangible results in reducing airfares and enhancing accessibility to air transportation for Nigerians.


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