Mayorkun discloses why he kept his mother’s identity a secret

Afrobeat singer Mayorkun recently revealed that he did not want people to know that his mother was a popular Nollywood actress when he was growing up.

He and his brother wanted to live normal lives before becoming famous, but it was difficult due to how well-known their mother Toyin Adewale was. Hence, their next course of action was to maintain their mother’s anonymity in order to obtain the independence they desired.

Mayorkun began, “Growing up, my brother and I didn’t like the fact that our mom was a popular actress because we wanted freedom, but with her fame came fake attention and all.”

His other reason for keeping her identity under wraps was rather humble. The artist said that he did not want people to have a bias towards him because of who his mother was. He wanted people to like him as who he was, not because of his attachment.

“I hated being treated differently, not because you like me but because I am Toyin Adewale’s son,” he added.

The singer also, talked about his time as an accounting student at the University of Lagos. Then, he described the extreme measures he took to live a regular life, revealing that he was able to conceal his mother’s identity for the four years of his graduate program.

He said, “Even in my university, people didn’t know she was my mother for four years. I was intentional about this. My mum brought food to me at school once, and a girl saw her. I quickly ran to her to get what she came with just so no one else saw her.”

It should come as no surprise that Mayorkun became an artist himself, given he is the eldest of his parents’ three children and was raised in a family of entertainers.

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