Lawan scores Ninth N’Assembly high in performance, cites 112 signed bills

The outgoing President of the Senate Ahmad Lawan, has scored the legislature high, citing the 112 bills assented to by former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lawan, who spoke at an interactive valedictory session with the Senate Press Corps, stated that the unity of purpose and understanding of the two arms of government made it possible for them to achieve so much.

His words: “I want to say that our unity, partnership and understanding of each other made it possible for us to achieve much. In fact, in all my stay here, I have never seen a Senate that achieved much.

“The relationship between us and the Executive has been described in so many ways. But everything has a price. If you don’t do well, it has a price, but this National Assembly, no matter what anybody will call it, did what we should do help the Executive.

“We changed the budget cycle, and to the glory of God, we passed the budget before the end of December. It makes us feel proud.

“Former President Buhari assented to 112 bills. Some have come to reform our economy, the petroleum industry and the electoral process.

“So far, I can identify those things that we have done for the country.”He dismissed the claim that the federal legislature gulped money, maintaining it needed to grow to develop the country.

According to Lawan “We took only 0.6% of the national budget. I believe that we have to work to support the National Assembly for it to grow. Members are as patriotic as any Nigerian.

Accompanied by his deputy, Omo Agege and Deputy Chief Whip, Sabi Abdullahi, Lawan decried the high turnover of members after every election cycle, saying it is not good for institutional memory. He charged journalists covering the Senate to extend the same cooperation to the incoming leadership that would emerge next week.

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