Kaduna State Governor Promises Free Education and Support for Freed School Children

In a heartening development following the release of 137 schoolchildren abducted from LEA Primary School and Government Secondary School in Kaduna State, Governor Uba Sani has pledged free education and comprehensive support for the rescued children and their families.

Addressing the children at the Government House in Kaduna before their return to Kuriga on Thursday, Governor Sani assured them of free education under the Uba Sani Foundation.

Additionally, he announced plans for the renovation of the school and the Kuriga community, all under the purview of the foundation.

The governor acknowledged the challenges faced by the children during their captivity and expressed gratitude to them for their patience and resilience.

He highlighted the state government’s efforts in providing psychological support, including counseling and therapy sessions conducted by healthcare professionals, to help the children overcome their ordeal.

Tragically, one of the abducted teachers, Mallam Abubakar, lost his life while in captivity due to medical complications.

Governor Sani pledged government support for Abubakar’s family, including sponsorship of his children’s education and a financial assistance package of N10 million.

Governor Sani emphasized the safe return of all 137 children and commended their bravery and positive outlook despite the challenges they faced.

He reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring their well-being and educational development.

The governor’s announcement comes in the wake of the Federal Government’s assurance that no ransom was paid for the release of the abducted pupils.

The successful rescue operation, conducted by the military in collaboration with local authorities, marked the end of the harrowing ordeal that began on March 7, 2024, when the children were abducted by hoodlums and taken into the forest.

The swift and decisive action by both state and federal authorities underscores the collective resolve to safeguard the lives and education of Nigerian children and communities.

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