Iyabo Ojo Apologizes To Laura Ikeji, Faith Morey On Bullying Allegations

Iyabo Ojo, a seasoned Nollywood actress, has tendered apologies for bullying Laura Ikeji, and other reality stars.

She expressed regret for her behaviour on the reality show, Real Housewives of Lagos, which left many unimpressed and disappointed.

In a post on instagram she revealed that her motive for participating in the reality TV show was to entertain viewers and never intended to bully anyone.

She has apologized for her conduct.

In her words, “I Iyabo Ojo, I am the same person at my core that you have always known over the years. I stand for justice and fairness. One of my main goals of starring on a reality TV show was to entertain everyone and give you all a show worthy of your time.

“I made sure that drama was the centerpiece of the show. In the midst of that drama, I may have offended some people and displayed some behaviors that are certain attributes to bullies. For that, I am truly sorry to all that I have offended.

“I emphatically reject all forms of bullying. I have never bullied anyone in my day-to-day life nor condoned bullying in any form. For me to bully, is to continuously denigrate, hurt, and cause harm to others, and that is not me. Stepping on that dress on the show was a way to get talking points for the show for entertainment purposes, and we succeeded. No harm was meant”.

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