Italy’s minister of defense hospitalised with possible pericarditis.

The Italian Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday that Guido Crosetto will spend the night in the hospital in Rome due to a possible case of pericarditis.

“Health checks are still ongoing,” but Crosetto, 60, was “in very good shape and could be discharged later in the day,” a ministry source continued.

He went to the emergency room of the San Carlo di Nancy hospital in Rome on his own initiative after experiencing excruciating chest symptoms, according to the ministry.

The statement further said that he was observed and had a cardiac chronography.

In a post on X, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani wished Crosetto a speedy recovery. “We look forward to seeing you soon,” he wrote on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Pericarditis is inflammation of the lining around the heart that causes chest pain but is not usually serious.

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