Israel DMW Drags Estranged Wife On Wanting N10M Property

Famous logistics manager Israel DMW reveals the requirement that his divorced wife Sheila Courage set for her to remain in their marriage.

Recall that public tension between the couple followed the breakdown of Davido’s logistic manager’s marriage just before their one anniversary.

In a recent post on his Instagram story, he revealed that his wife demanded a 10 million property in her name as a condition for her to continue living with him.

Israel DMW discussed his humble beginnings and how he has adjusted his lifestyle to fit the demand.

In another post, he remarked on the pressure some women exert on their boyfriends and husbands who possess little.

“I am never from a rich home at all. I had history of being a bus conductor and a block career to survive. I don’t compete with people. I usually cut my coats according to my sizes. I should buy a 10m property as a condition for you stay. Make I kill myself?

Some ladies can’t even take pictures in their rented parents’ houses, because of the high rate of dirtyness, but they will now be pressuring their boyfriends and husbands for nothing. What they endured with their parents ooh”.

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