“I’m Not Interested In Even Being Your Celebrity Anymore”- Erica Nlewedim

Erica Nlewedim, a popular Big Brother Naija star, recently shared some deep reflections on her journey, her development as a person, and her choice to take a step back from the spotlight.

The reality star expressed her wish for a more tranquil life and her strong belief in self-love in a tweet.

She vented about her irritations at being in the spotlight all the time and the nuisance of internet trolls. Her disappointment was evident when she mentioned how the challenges of being a celebrity frequently overshadow her accomplishments.

“For the past few years I see my name on blogs only when I respond to the trolls and never the loads of positive things that I have achieved,” she said

Erica went on to express her desire to focus on the positive aspects of life and prioritise her peace of mind.

In her words;

“I’m not interested in even being your celebrity anymore, allow me live my life, focus on your own business.”

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