I’m a Reinforced Spiritual Steel, Go Spiritual and Ask Questions – Yul Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has taken to social media to boast about his supernatural abilities and claim that nobody should ever meddle with him.

He said that he was not an ordinary human and that anyone who opposes him with darkness could lose their sight as a result of his light.

The filmmaker made the announcement on his official Instagram account, where he shared a wonderful image of himself dressed in royalty, accompanied by a lovely smile.

Yul Edochie went on to say that he is not a normal human being, but rather reinforced spiritual steel created by God to shock the globe for his divine purposes.

In his words;

“I’m not a normal human being. I’m a reinforced spiritual steel. Designed by God almighty to shake the world for his divine purpose. Go spiritual and ask questions.

“If you come with darkness, my light will blind you. The journey is just beginning. God’s special soldier.”

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