I’ll push for ‘mayor of FCT’, appointment of indigene as FCT Minister – Ireti Kingibe

The Federal Capital Territory senator-elect, Ireti Kingibe, has promised to push for a mayor to be appointed for the capital city even as she assured that she would make a case for the appointment of indigenes as ministers for the FCT.

Kingibe stated this during an interface with journalists in Abuja as part of her routine to appreciate the people of the FCT who voted for her in the February 25 elections.

“The status of FCT is constitutional. So, I personally cannot do anything about it unless the Constitution is amended,” She said, pointing out that, “The status of the FCT is already determined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

She, however, promised that upon resumption, she would explore other available means to commence the process that could help the people secure total control of their own affairs such that would guarantee them those rights and privileges enjoyed by other states of the federation.

She also promised to represent all, saying, “I am a senator for everybody, regardless of party, and I want all those who contested with me to know that.

“All the different parties in the FCT such as Labor Party, APC, PDP, and all the smaller parties like APGA YPP and SDP should see FCT as a mother for the rest of the State. I want all of them to consider me as their senator.

According to Ireti Kingibe, “I am going to start by pushing for a mayoralty for the FCT where we can have more control of the things that happen in the FCT in an executive way. Then we will set the bar higher and push for the president to appoint a minister of the FCT under North Central or any platform he wishes as long as the person comes from the FCT. That is where I am going to start from.”

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