I Was Frame Up – Lizzy Anjorin Reacts To Shoplifting Allegations

Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin says that she was set up and denied recent claims that she stole jewelry valued at ₦90,000 from the market.

On Monday, February 5, 2024, Anjorin disputed the allegations on her Instagram account, writing, “Don’t you think that the whole world would see that you set me up.” She continued by recounting the sequence of events that led up to her buying accessories on November 17 of last year.

Anjorin said that she sent the seller a money transfer and then asked about the funds. At first, the vendor asserted that they never got the funds. But when she came back two hours later, he gave the accessories and verified the payment. She bemoaned her lack of notification from the seller regarding the successful transfer.

“Later he told me that the money I sent did not go, then I asked him why he didn’t call me to tell me, then asked him the month the transfer was made and he acted like he couldn’t remember,” she added.

Anjorin went on to recount the incident at the market yesterday when the viral video of her was taken. “The guy had already gathered people and they removed my hijab and asked me to sit down like a thief, and I refused,” she said. She continued, adding that she then called her husband, “My husband then said that he would transfer 100,000 to the seller in the meantime. It was all a setup.”

All of this happened after her picture became viral on social media on February 5, 2024 after being accused of shoplifting in the video.

Anjorin tried to avoid being recorded by her accusers and then moved from her seat to a place where her face was not as visible. A crowd had gathered and a woman’s voice could be heard stressing that the actress did not steal.

After it went viral, numerous responses to the video surfaced on social media. Anjorin has vehemently refuted the reports though.

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