“I Used To Sell Recharge Cards, Pure Water” – Kim Oprah

Opara Chinonso Ibinabo, also known as Kim Oprah, a BBN reality star, shares her past hardships and how selling sachet water and recharge cards helped her pay her bills in the past and how her experience changed how she views the world.

Kim Oprah talked of her early hardships, including how, because her mother was in the military, she was forced to live in the barracks in Abuja after her father passed away.

She revealed that when she was in University of Port Harcourt, to make ends meet, she and her sister sold eggs, pure water and recharge cards to customers around there.

In her words; “After my dad’s death, my mother was in the military. So we had to move into the barracks in Abuja to help with accommodation.

“When I went to University of Port Harcourt, my sister and I used to sell recharge cards, pure water and eggs around our side, because there was no closeby kiosk, where you could buy those things so we became the kiosk.

“Honestly, I’m just happy that I went through it because it really shaped me and made me stronger.

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