I Have About 10 mansions, Built a Market and Have Bought About 20 Cars – Portable

Nigerian celebrity Portable surprises a lot of people with his recent admission of how many cars and homes he has to his name.

The musician revealed in a recent interview that he possesses an amazing collection of automobiles, which includes a G-Wagon and a Range Rover.

Additionally, Portable said that he possesses 10 houses; some are completed, others under construction, including the construction of a hotel.

He cited having finished some while some projects are ongoing, including a market. He specifically mentioned that his hotel is being developed in Ogun State.

He also stressed that even though he lives in modest circumstances, he doesn’t use pretense or phony shows of riches to live a real life.

In his words;

“It’s the bad roads that spoil my cars. I have bought many cars, I bought a G-Wagon and, a Range Rover, I bought plenty cars. I bought like 20 cars, it’s the road.

“This governor and president should fix Ogun State roads. Let us be able to drive smoothly from Lekki to Abeokuta. I’m building my hotel here. I have about 10 mansions here, both completed and uncompleted. I built a market.

“I live in the trenches, but I don’t live trenches life. There is no fake life here”.

See video below;

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