“I Divorced Him In 2022 Without His Signatures” – Sonia Ighalo On Divorce With Jude Ighalo

Sonia Ighalo is unwilling to remain silent about her divorce from her ex-husband, Jude Ighalo, even after she finds love again.

The Nigerian football player’s estranged wife just shared her mysterious lover on Instagram a few hours ago.

The mother of three shared a photo of her new boyfriend, masking his face with an emoji and expressing her admiration for him.

Sonia has now revealed that she split up with Jude in 2019, but that she reconnected with him in 2021 and ended things without his consent in 2022.

She claimed that the football player crawled back to her and that she agreed because of the children.

She claimed that they kept their relationship quiet because of his family and the fact that she was traveling back and forth between Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Nigeria with the kids.

Jude Ighalo allegedly concealed their reconciliation from his family out of concern that it would ruin Sonia’s divorce proceedings. She wishes her successor all the best.

“Separated 2019 Got back 2021 I DIVORCED HIM 2022 (Without his signature). They crawled back again I said OK for the sake of our children. We’ve been doing it lowkey (Despite their foolish display on Ig with different women). I was doing Saudi, Dubai, Naija with the kids to see him But he didn’t want his family to know Cox they would REINFORCE spiritually to separate us – He said. I got TIRED. Since he was scared to let Mama Mama know I’m happily back with my family. I’m like FUCK OFF bro. I no fit break covenant wey I no de there him enter. Good luck to my successor,” she wrote.

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