“I Almost Regretted Coming Out to Say my Truth” – Real Warri Pikin

Ace Nigerian comedian Real Warri Pikin has revealed that criticism almost made her regret opening up about her weight loss.

The award-winning comedian said that she frequently needed to be hospitalized due to countless health problems as a result of her weight before resulting in gastric sleeve surgery.

According to Real Warri Pikin, this had an impact on her capacity to perform and support herself.

The comedian-turned-actress said, “It wasn’t easy at all,” adding that she was unable to appear in comedic events and had to return some money that had been paid to her.

Real Warri Pikin Looking Elegant
Real Warri Pikin Looking Elegant

Real Warri Pikin revealed the backlash she faced after sharing her story of having gastric sleeve surgery. She admitted that she regretted the negative reactions she had received and that she had second-guessed her choice to share more specifics about her metamorphosis.

In her words;

“I almost regretted coming out to say my truth, because people do not accept change. They are stuck with the old version of you because your old version makes them happy, and comfortable. They are plus size, they’re big, they can relate and it makes them happy. So, when you change, they feel like you’ve betrayed them, they can’t accept change.”

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