“He Has Always Loved And Stood For Her” – Victor Ike Defends His Brother, Emeka Ike

Victor Ike, who is the brother of Nigerian Veteran actor, Emeka Ike has confirmed his brother’s account of his former wife, adding that she also physically abused their mother.

The actor revealed in a recent interview that his ex-wife had falsely accused him of abusing her in order to blackmail him. She also sold all of his assets and stopped him from getting in touch with his kids since then.

Victor Ike asserted that everything Emeka said was accurate and that the ex-wife had ruined Emeka Ike’s relationship with the rest of the family, adding that Emeka Ike had always stood up for her in spite of her misdeeds.

“Emeka Ike is my blood brother, and everything he said @channelstv was 100% true. He didn’t even mention how she and her mother constantly beat my mum whenever she visits. He needs to see his kids

He has always loved and stood for her even when she lies against his own family. Most of us in the family are not in good communication with him just because of her, so it is false to claim that the man who disowned his family for her was a wife beater. Don’t hurt him with his kids” Victor wrote.

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