Google to delete inactive accounts from December 1

In a recent blog post, Google has announced a significant policy change that will see the permanent deletion of inactive Gmail accounts starting from December 1.

According to the tech giant, an account is considered inactive if the user hasn’t logged in or engaged in any activity for a period of two years.

The policy, applicable exclusively to personal accounts, stipulates that Google products have the authority to delete user data when an account remains unused for a consecutive two-year period. As a result, December 1, 2023, marks the earliest date when a Google Account could potentially be deleted under this policy.

Google defines various activities as engagement, including actions such as signing in, utilizing Google Drive, reading or sending emails, watching YouTube videos, downloading apps, and engaging in activities like searching and sharing photos. These activities serve as criteria to determine whether an account remains active.

This update underscores Google’s commitment to managing account data and ensuring that inactive accounts do not indefinitely occupy space on their servers.

Users are advised to take note of this policy change and take necessary actions to maintain the activity level on their Google Accounts if they wish to retain them beyond the stipulated inactive period.

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