Federal Government Grants Data Protection Certification Licence to IIM

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), has granted a licence to the Institute of Information Management (IIM) to conduct examinations and certify data protection professionals for global competitiveness.

This announcement was made by the National Commissioner of the NDPC, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, during the licence presentation to IIM in Abuja on Monday. Olatunji stated that this move is part of the commission’s efforts to implement Executive Orders 003 and 005, aimed at bolstering Nigeria’s data protection capabilities.

Dr. Olatunji highlighted that the certification of data protection professionals within Nigeria would significantly reduce capital flight, generate over 500,000 jobs in the sector, and encourage more individuals to pursue certification. He noted that while some Nigerians previously had to obtain their data protection training and certification abroad, having a local institute to provide these services would enhance local content in the data protection sector.

Moreover, Olatunji revealed that the commission is considering expanding this licensing framework across Africa. He stated that the NDPC is working towards establishing a pan-African initiative, which would allow data professionals certified in Nigeria to practice across the continent.

The licensing will also create job opportunities for already licensed Data Protection Compliance Organisations (DPCOs), which will be accredited to train prospective professionals for the data protection examinations. Olatunji emphasized that the national data protection certification would be a historic legacy that meets global standards and would outlast current and future administrations.

Dr. Oyedokun Oyewole, President of the Institute of Information Management, reflected on the certification process that began in 2021. He expressed confidence that the licence would fill gaps within the data protection ecosystem in Nigeria. Dr. Oyewole reassured Nigerians of the institute’s commitment to excellence in data protection education within the country.

The licence is expected to enhance Nigeria’s standing in the global data protection arena and create significant economic and professional opportunities within the sector.

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