Fans React As Regina Daniels Pleads After Chinyere Wilfred Orders Her Out Of Her Movie Set

Regina Daniels received praise on social media for how she reacted when veteran Chinyere Wilfred told her to leave her movie set.

In a video that was uploaded on Chinyere’s official Instagram page, the Nigerian actress and film producer could be seen cautiously knocking on her door.

When the veteran actress opened it and saw Regina, she questioned her presence, wagging a finger in the billionaire wife’s face.

The younger actress then went on her knees to beg her senior colleague. According to the video, Chinyere Wilfred had been waiting on the set for Regina for a long time.

Chinyere Wilfred was heard yelling and expressing her displeasure with Regina, but the younger actress persisted in pleading her case, even going down on both knees.

At one point in the video, Regina is instructed by Chinyere to leave her movie set, but the younger actress refuses and gives her a leg hug instead, referring to her senior colleague as a mummy.

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