DJ Chicken Loses TikTok Account After Dissing Wizkid

A few hours after losing his TikTok page due to offensive remarks made about Wizkid and his late mother, DJ Chicken, the controversial disc jockey, breaks his silence.

DJ Chicken had declared the Grammy nominee’s music career dead and mocked him in a viral video. He didn’t stop there; he went on to wish Wizkid dead.

In his words, “He sings rubbish; his glory has drowned and he would soon follow his late mother.”

The comment caused a huge uproar among Wizkid’s fans, who may have reacted by mass-reporting the Dj’s TikTok profile.

Within twenty-four hours, DJ Chicken’s account was permanently suspended by the video sharing platform.

DJ Chicken expressed his grief at not having been able to withdraw the money he had gained on the site overnight, rather than being affected by the decision that resulted in the deletion of his account.

“Those of you that reported my account will be unfortunate. I’m not pained, it’s only the money I made overnight that pained me. Let anything happen to my Instagram, I will show you all. If I lose my IG, I will make sure Wizkid lose his too,” he wrote.

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