Customs Boss Confident in Achieving 24-Hour Cargo Clearance with TRS


The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Adewale Adeniyi, has expressed optimism that the implementation of the Time Realise Study (TRS) will eliminate delays in cargo clearance and pave the way for 24-hour port operations.

In an interview with newsmen in Lagos on Monday, Adeniyi highlighted the significance of the TRS in enhancing port efficiency and competitiveness by identifying and addressing obstacles in port operations. He emphasized the need to understand the root causes of delays in cargo clearing, analyze areas of delay, and implement effective solutions to streamline the process.

Adeniyi expressed his aspiration to achieve one-day cargo clearance at Nigerian ports, citing previous practices of clearing cargo within two days. He underscored that the TRS exercise aims to facilitate this goal by identifying inefficiencies and implementing corrective measures.

The Customs Boss mentioned that the TRS report is expected to be released within six months, once all systems are automated and integrated for efficient operations. He assured the public that the findings of the TRS would be promptly shared with the government and stakeholders within the specified timeline.

Oluwatamilore Akinkuolie

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