China president Xi Jinping’s absent as G20 convened in India

The G20 leaders arrived in New Delhi on Friday, seeking to advance discussions on trade, climate change, and a number of other global issues despite the absence of the presidents of China and Russia from the summit.

In order to control the world economy, the G20 was created in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis.

However, as presidential and prime ministerial flights started to descend in the Indian capital, questions about what, if anything, the diverse bloc can still agree on were highlighted by China’s Xi Jinping’s conspicuous absence.

The customary work of resolving differences and crafting a joint communique for leaders to sign was still unfinished as the summit was about to start.

No official explanation for Xi’s absence has been provided, but China has been clear about its ambition to replace historically US-led organizations like the G20 with ones more beneficial to Beijing’s interests.

Instead, Xi will host the presidents of Zambia and Venezuela in Beijing.

Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, is likewise prevented from visiting by diplomatic disapproval and war crimes accusations, despite Moscow’s ongoing pressure on allies to soften world criticism of its invasion of Ukraine.

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