Bella Okagbue opens up on why brands don’t sign her and Sheggz together

BBNaija reality star Bella Okagbue, has revealed the reason why brands don’t sign her and Sheggz together to influence jobs.

Bella revealed this while answering a fan’s question by discussing the small number of corporate partnerships and endorsements she and her spouse Sheggz participate in.

The main one, as far as Bella is concerned, is the significant cost of their partnership.

She says that because they have grown into reputable and big brands, they both command high prices; as a result, interacting with them at the same time would cost marketers a lot of money.

Bella stressed that a brand needs to have substantial funds if it is willing to pay their combined fees.

Bella went on to mention that Sheggz and her involvement with the same marketing outfit points to a large expense from the sponsoring firm.

She clarified that despite any objections, there are no plans to lower their rates, citing the significant value and influence associated with the names “Bella and Sheggz.”

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