Association rejects appointment of Salako as MLSCN boss

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists has rejected the appointment of Babajide Salako as Chairman of Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.

President of the association, Dr Casmir Ifeanyi, said at a press conference on Monday in Abuja that Salako’s appointment breached the Act setting up the council.

As a result, he pleaded with President Bola Tinubu to revoke Salako’s nomination and designate a suitable successor.

“The person shall be appointed by the president on the recommendation of the minister from a list of names of the fellows submitted by the council (in this Act referred to as “the Association”).”

According to him, Salako’s appointment has not fulfilled any of the credentials enunciated in Section 3 of the Act.

“At the flagrant violation of the above section of the Law, without recourse to the list of names submitted by the council in compliance with the law,” Ifeanyi stated, the association was astonished.

“We call on the NASS to investigate the appointment of Salako as chairman of the governing board of MLSCN.

“The message sent by the alleged appointment is simply that high-ranking government officials can disobey laws made by the legislature and duly signed by the president in order to achieve personal goals.”

He also called on Tinubu to urgently correct the mistake by retracting Salako’s appointment and adhering to the law in announcing a replacement.

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