AHBN Floats Emergency And Health Hazards Trust Fund For Health Journalists

The Association of the Nigeria Health Journalists (ANHeJ) has launched its Emergency and Health Hazards Trust Fund and has had a dream start to its operations.

The Fund, which aims to address health hazards faced by health sector journalists in the course of their duties, is at the behest of the Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN).

At an ANHeJ Congress meeting on Friday, 7th June 2024, the Coordinator, Africa Health Budget Network, Aminu Magashi Garba announced a commitment of One Million Naira as a take-off grant for the new innovative financing mechanism ‘Emergency and Health Hazards Trust Fund’.

To make good its commitment, AHBN paid in the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only (N 250,000) to the ANHeJ dedicated bank account for this trust fund to support the health cause of journalists with relation to emergency challenges such as physical injuries, mental injuries, assault, theft and flooding to mention but a few.

Considering the pivotal role Journalists play in nation building, they have remained endangered species with bodily harm and sometimes loss of lives to show for it.

Mahashi therefore calls for a concerted effort to alleviate the plights of Journalists and accord members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm a pride of place in the society.

“We humbly call and encourage philanthropists to key into this joint initiative and support health journalists in Nigeria to function and deliver on their mandate.”

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