Abuja Estate Residents Protest Over Planned Demolition

Residents of Trademore Estate in Abuja on Monday shut its gates in protest against the planned demolition of structures in the estate by officials of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA).

In reaction, the FCDA declared the estate a disaster zone.

FCDA executive director Shehu Ahmed consequently revealed that structures in communities such as Trademore estate, disrupting the natural water flow, are responsible for flooding recorded in some parts of the city.

“By declaring Trademore a disaster zone, we have told the residents there to evacuate. The area is in a low-line zone which is not safe. Flooding can come at any time. They know this and have been experiencing it over the years,” he said.

This, however, did not go well with the residents.

The residents now insist that FCDA has no right to demolish their houses. Others said it is wrong for the government to demolish houses without providing an alternative.

Sarah Okah, a social media user while faulting the FCDA, wrote:

“You can’t demolish without having alternative plans for residents. This people worked hard to put a roof over there own heads. Before the estate was built, there was a plan which was approved by the FCDA. So who is to blame for this injustice?

“People have established themselves in the estate? Is there an alternative accommodation for them ? Or is FCDA creating more homeless people after there mistake of approving this location?”

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