71 million Nigerians extremely poor — World Poverty Clock

2023 data from the World poverty clock has revealed that 71 million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty.

This report comes after the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) had classed 133 million people as multidimensionally poor.

The was revealed at the Nigeria Zero Hunger Symposium, organised by T200 Foundation to mark World Hunger Day and unveiling of Nigeria’s hunger report.

According to the report, Nigeria has a Global Hunger Index score of 27.9, which falls into the serious hunger category. However, there are significant variations in the hunger index score across states.

It says the state with the highest hunger index score is Yobe, with a score of 44.2. Yobe also has the highest prevalence of undernourishment, which is 27.4%.

This is more than twice the national average of 12.9%. Yobe also has the highest child-wasting rate of 22.5%, which is almost three times the national average of 7.9%.

Also, the state with the second-highest hunger index score is Sokoto, with a score of 42.1. Sokoto also has a high prevalence of undernourishment, which is 24.4%. The child wasting rate in Sokoto is 18.4%, which is more than twice the national average.
The report added that other states with high hunger index scores include Zamfara (37.2), Kebbi (34.5), and Jigawa (33.9). These states also have high rates of undernourishment and child wasting.

Executive Director T200 Foundations, Emmanuel Osadebay said Nigeria needs stakeholders who can come together to end hunger by 2030 in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Also speaking at the event, the 2023 governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Tonye Cole, said Nigeria must also design a simple, implementable, and sustainable poverty eradication model and stick to it over time.

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