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Irregular Migration: IOM Facilitates Return of 152 Nigerian Migrants from Libya

Fostering the Family Bond

A lot has been happening lately that has threatened to destroy the family unit and values in most homes. Daily we come across in social and mainstream media, bizarre...

Daily, I Learn

Dearly beloved Soliloquy readers, the year 2023 has been like a bundle of courses one has to study critically, patiently and passionately in order to come out with...

World Health Day: Health Minister tasks States on Employment of more Health Workers

Angelique Kidjo becomes 3rd African to Win the Polar Music Prize

Reps ask NDDC to halt release of N15bn, Probes NCC over Telecom Fund, Poor Network

1Oth National Assembly: Which Zone should Produce Next Senate President?

Nigeria gets World Bank’s $800m to Remove Petrol Subsidy


Always Keep Hope Alive

Dearly beloved Soliloquy readers, I apologise for my long absence. It has been hectic these past few months in the year 2023, the distractions that turned my face and...