Just like you, I too was excited to see another year, the year 2020. Although, I was a bit nervous as I wondered what it would look like, nevertheless,I looked forward to achieving most,if not all of my goals.

The first bang I received was from the Lagos State Governor,who placed a ban on motorcycles and tricycles.For now,I do not have a car but even if I did, I find the tricycles really convenient for school runs. For me, they were much more affordable than the taxis. Besides the tricycles, I often used motorcycles to go to work and do my side hustle. So, you could imagine what your sister had to go through when Sanwo_Eko placed his sledge hammer on okadas and Keke. My dear, I started trekking from Aguda to Masha, from Masha to Bode Thomas almost on a daily basis. That I lost weight was an understatement. Well, thankfully, private cars soon began to ply the streets of Surulere as a substitute for motorcycles and tricycles but your sister had to be very vigilant because there are so many kidnappers and ritualists in town.

My dear, just I was beginning to go with the  flow of having to live  without my cherished means of transport, the news of Covid which had been ravaging China since December 2019 began to threaten the peace of Nigeria. Soon, the Lagos State Government announced that all schools would have to be closed down on the 23rd of March,2020.

You know what, confusion set in. There was an emergency meeting at my place of work.The founder of the school were I worked back then, categorically told all staff that should the lockdown continue after April,she couldn’t promise that salaries would be paid ,as she depended on school fees to run the school. Need I tell you that I was extremely worried and scared. Gradually, I began fidgeting and sweating profusely. I pinched myself to put me in check and soon the words”I will not be afraid of sudden panic for the Lord is my confidence” came to my mind. I began mumbling it and I soon became calm. Man devil, you never ever miss an opportunity to disrupt the peace of mankind. Isn’t it?

Children, students were all rejoicing, after all, they would be at home, sleeping, eating , visiting friends, whatever! But the adults were gloomy. So, what happens now? We thought.Soon, all businesses excluding those in the essential services department were totally shut down. Wetin dey happen? No church services! No weddings! No movies!No funerals ! No naming ceremonies! No functions! Every body stay at home! It wasn’t longer before the same children who were once jublilating became restless and bored. One couldn’t move from trunk A to trunk B,it was even a crime to jog in the mornings or hold functions at home. Ask Funke Akindele, her hubby and Naira Marley,they will explain better.

My dear, while at home during the lockdown, there was no rest at all for me. I thought the Bible said that there was no peace for the wicked. I saw myself working  virtually for my  employer and myself, while at the same time attending to the needs of three boisterous children,my aging mother and my husband. My mind often raced faster than those cars in formular one. How do we pay house rent this year? When will this end? How will it end? Dear Soliloquy readers, I was constantly listening to news to know what was going on in Nigeria, it took the grace of God for my brain to be together.

Slowly but gradually, the government began to open up the nation. Then came the huge debate will WASSCE be written this year or not. Then, the confusion is resolved. With the external exams over, the government finally decides that  private  schools could resume! Yippie! That is more than good news because most children were already bored being locked at home.

School resumes in September and few weeks later, EndSars Protest commences. The protest deepens each passing day and then the government places a curfew and schools are shut down once again. Then the dreadful night of the masscare at Lekki Toll Gate, my God! What is going on?

Then, the following day, massive looting, arson, robbery, lawlessness, rumours of division and war, hate speeches flying in the air.Oh! My God! Are we safe? Protect us all.

What a year! A year it has been this year 2020. Hunger, panic, tension, insecurity, anger and bickerings,yet despite all the negative energy, we still have every reason to be grateful to God for His mercies. Merry Christmas to you all.


An English Educator writes from Lagos 08034786925 (SMS Only)

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