We are working to pass 2021 budget 2nd week in December – Senate President



President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan says the National Assembly is working hard to see to the passage of the 2021 Appropriation Bill by the second week of December, 2020.
In a press statement made available to TV360 news desk, The Senate President also hinted that the Assembly would ensure the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill by the second quarter of 2021.
Lawan noted that the National Assembly would have been done with the current process of the constitutional ammendment by 2021 and also the Electoral Act(Ammendment Bill).


“We are working to pass the 2021 budget by the second week of December by the Grace of God,” Lawan said at a retreat for top management staff of the National Assembly and National Assembly Service Commission.

“We are working very assiduously, we will ensure that there is every possible scrutiny of the budget estimates presented to us by the Executive arm of government.

“So far, we achieved that in 2020 budget. We believe we did the right thing. We promised Nigerians that we will do that and it is going to be part of our legacy in the Ninth National Assembly,” Lawan said.

“The PIB which is one of the most essential legislations that we have to have in this country, we intend to pass it by the Grace of God before the end of the second quarter of next year.



“We will take our time because this is a very delicate and sensitive piece of legislation. We will take our time to ensure that what comes out of the National Assembly in the PIB is a product of legislation that will ensure that Nigeria earns it’s revenues from this industry as it should and of course also support our business people, the oil companies that are investing and infact retain and encourage new ones to come to Nigeria to invest.

“So it has to be a win-win for all of us. We will not be selfish as a country, trying to take everything. No.

“We believe that we should pass our amendments within 2021. Similarly the amendment to the Electoral Act is going to be within that year 2021 to ensure that we don’t encounter unnecessary distractions,” Lawan said.

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