Venezuela govt. blames ‘electromagnetic attack’ for blackout


The government of Venezuela has said the ongoing blackout which has left nearly the entire country, including the capital Caracas without power, is due to activities of hostile attackers.

The blackouts affected at least 14 of Venezuela’s 24 states. According to Netblocks, a non-profit organization dedicated to tracking outages, it has also affected up to 94% of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure and internet connection.

Authorities have not confirmed the exact cause of the outage, but a government statement called the blackout “an electromagnetic attack,” without providing further details about who might have been behind the alleged attack or how it was carried out.

The statement also added that authorities are working to restore power services as quickly as possible while working to address drinking water access, transport systems, and needs at health centers.

President Nicolas Maduro said that the armed forces had been mobilized to help deal with what he termed a “criminal attack against the tranquility and the peace of the homeland.”

This is the fourth nationwide blackout this year in the South American country. In March, there were three major blackouts, which hit poorer areas of Caracas and outside the capital the hardest.

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