US offers $5m bounty for Guinea-Bissau coup leader


The United States has offered a $5m reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of former Guinea-Bissau military chief Antonio Indjai.

Indjai led a coup in the West African country in 2012 before he was dismissed two years later in a democratic transition.

The US authorities indicted him in 2013 on accusations of plotting to traffic cocaine and sell weapons to Colombian rebels.

On Thursday, the US Department of State said Indjal had been a subject of a UN travel ban since May 2012 as a result of his participation in the coup.

“Indjai was seen as one of the most powerful destabilizing figures in Guinea-Bissau, operating freely throughout West Africa, using illegal proceeds to corrupt and destabilize other foreign governments and undermine the rule of law throughout the region,” a State Department statement said.

After the coup led by Antonio Indjai, a transitional authority was put in place until the May 2014 election of José Mario Vaz as president.

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