US House passes Uighur crackdown bill


A bill requiring the government of the United States to toughen its response to China’s crackdown on Uighur Muslims has been approved by the House of Representatives.

The Uighur Human Rights Policy Act 2019 bill was passed by 407 to 1 in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

It requires the U.S. president to condemn abuses against Muslims and call for the closure of mass detention camps in Xinjiang. It also calls for “targeted sanctions” on senior members of the Chinese government and specifically names Xinjiang Communist Party Secretary Chen Quanguo.

Shortly after the Uighur Act was passed, China’s foreign ministry released a statement condemning the bill which it says “wantonly smears China’s efforts to eliminate and combat extremism”.

“We urge the US to immediately correct its mistake, to stop the above bill on Xinjiang from becoming law, to stop using Xinjiang as a way to interfere in China’s domestic affairs,” the statement read.

The still needs approval from the Senate and from President Donald Trump.

This is coming comes days after Trump signed into law a bill that supports pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong ahead of negotiations with Beijing to end a damaging trade war between both countries.

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