US advises citizens not to travel to UK over rising COVID cases


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State Department have issued a “do not travel” warning against travelling to the UK following a surge in COVID-19 cases in that country.

The CDC further instructed that residents must make sure that they are fully vaccinated, if they must travel to the United Kingdom.

“If you must travel to the United Kingdom, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel,” CDC said in an advisory.

This comes as the British government on Sunday, lifted all Covid 19 pandemic restrictions.

The warnings are “Level 4,” the CDC and State Department’s highest.

While not binding, they come after airline executives and other members of the travel industry have pressed the Biden administration to loosen existing Covid travel restrictions that have affected demand for international bookings.

The United States has had an entry ban in place for non-U.S. citizens from the EU, U.K. and other countries for much of the coronavirus pandemic, though several European nations have recently opened their doors to international visitors. Canada, however, said Monday it will allow fully vaccinated U.S. citizens into the country for nonessential travel starting Aug. 9.

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