Two dead in protests against Ethiopian PM Abiy


At least two people have died with dozens injured amid violent protests across Ethiopia against Nobel Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

State media reports that people have been killed in at least four cities since clashes broke out as after police fired gunshots and teargas to break up demonstrations instigated by supporters of prominent activist Jawar Mohammed.

Jawar, a member of the Oromo ethnic group and a public critic of Abiy, had accused security forces of trying to orchestrate an attack against him.

Tensions remained high in parts of the country as his supporters in Addis Ababa and towns mainly across Oromia, blocked roads, burned tyres and chanted slogans denouncing Abiy, who they claim was behind the alleged threat to Jawar.

As head of the US-based Oromia Media Network, Jawar played a crucial role in promoting anti-government protests that prompted Ethiopia’s ruling coalition to appoint Abiy as the first prime minister from the Oromo ethnic group, Ethiopia’s largest.

But the two men have been at odds recently, with Jawar openly criticizing some of Abiy’s political reforms.

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